About Us


Children Always First is a small family-owned Independent Fostering Agency which aims to do exactly what its name suggests – put the needs of children first. Tell me more…


Our Story


Children Always First Ltd was established in December 2012 by Julie Elliott and Jan Blazak in order to make a real and lasting difference to damaged young lives.
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Our Vision


Here at Children Always First we want every child and young person in our care to achieve their full potential. We are committed to this aim and work tirelessly in support of each and every child or young person placed with the agency. Tell me more…


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Why Choose
Children Always First?


Full Time Staff



Holistic Cutting Edge
Foster Care

Children Always First believe children deserve the best opportunity to thrive and succeed so we employ a range of cutting edge fostering practices to ensure children get the best possible placements and their outcomes exceed expectations

Therapeutic Parenting

Children Always First trains and supports all of its carers to operate within a therapeutic parenting model which best meets the needs of looked after children and young people. Forming positive attachments with carer givers after damaging early life experiences is often the biggest challenge for children. Our therapeutic parenting styles redress this balance and pro-actively encourage children to make strong and lasting attachments with their foster carers. This a fundamental in how we work. We rebuild children’s trust in adults.

Social Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy has been a main stay of European provision for many years. Its basic premise is that all experiences are learning opportunities. Through encouraging young people to try different activities learning is endemic: as is the shared experience resulting in strong relationships with carers. Social Pedagogy is a way of looking at education holistically and ensuring that each experience is maximised as a learning opportunity in turn developing the young person’s confidence, self-esteem and social education.


Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is a therapeutic model which focus’ on developing a connection between carer and child/young person. Whilst all children need the security of structure and boundaries they need to connect with their carers primarily and form attachments if placements are to succeed. Hence we focus on connection not correction. We do not practice behavioural approaches because they do not work. Instead we focus on developing the relationships first after which carers are always in a better position to start correcting behaviours. We do this primarily through cognitive reasoning and talking (connecting with) to young people

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