Diversity and Culture

loveChildren Always First wish to recruit a diverse team of carers and staff from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. However we understand you cannot paint your ideal team by numbers or have quotas of people from each individual background to complete the full set.

But that does not change how we feel… we are passionate about creating a diverse team where everyone will feel equal and respected. We desperately want people from all backgrounds to join our team and therefore embrace applications from all communities.

We believe that Culture and Diversity paints the fabric of life and as such we are committed to celebrating a variety of festivals and events in addition to providing a pro-active anti-discriminatory working environment.

We want to be good enough, and respectful enough, so that people from all backgrounds and groups will feel comfortable and, most importantly, part of our fostering family. Children Always First ensures that everyone, from whatever background, feels welcome, respected, and a valued member of our team.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards any discriminatory behaviour or language and will treat any instance of such in the serious manner it would warrant. We will not accept any open prejudice in the company.

” It’s not who you are but what you do…”

Fotolia_47900502_LWe also believe that the antithesis of discrimination is meritocracy and as such we operate a strict equal opportunities policy in respect of recruitment, selection and reward systems. Individuals will be judged by what they do for children and young people and/or contribute to the organisation regardless of their individual Colour, Race, Religion, Age, Sexuality, Disability or Gender.

We ensure that each individual’s identity/culture is respected and catered for, whether they are a member of staff, a foster carer or a child. We do this by positively celebrating diversity as an agency, encouraging inter-cultural learning and making extra provision and allowances where this is appropriate.

We pro-actively promote identity issues with children and young people and ensure that they leave our care with a clear understanding of who they are and where they are from.

Children Always First believes that Diversity & Equality should be at the core of our entire practice.

We are committed to making this happen.

‘Currently a third of foster carers are from a non-White British background, which reflects the agency’s inclusive attitude towards diversity.’ Ofsted Nov 2014