Kim Golding

kimDr Kim Golding is a leading Clinical Psychologist working predominantly in Worcestershire, England, when she isn’t delivering lectures and training around the world!

Kim has worked with children and families within the NHS since her training was completed in 1985. This has involved working with a range of families in a range of situations. Throughout this experience Kim has always been interested in parenting, and collaborating with parents or carers to develop their parenting skills tailored to the particular needs of the children they are caring for. Additionally Kim is keen to promote the emotional and social needs of children in school settings. Learning and mental health will both improve if we pay more attention to these needs from throughout the child’s school career.

Kim is proud to have been involved in the setting up and evaluation of the Integrated Service for Looked After Children. ISL is a multi-agency, holistic service, jointly provided and managed by Health and Children’s Services. The service provides support for foster, adoptive and residential parents, schools and the range of professionals around the children growing up in care or in adoptive families.

Kim has been fortunate in this work to have been trained and mentored by Dan Hughes in the use of DDP; both a therapy and a framework for communicating with and helping families of children who have experienced early trauma from within their family. Kim currently sits on the board of the DDP institute and is involved in accrediting and training other professionals in this approach. Kim, alongside a small group of colleagues, is actively developing DDP within the UK.

As a child Kim was always inventing stories, a pleasure she has passed on to her own children as they made up stories walking to and from school. Communicating through story and through the written and spoken word has therefore been an important part of Kim’s journey as a Clinical Psychologist both through training and group work as well as through writing.

Kim is author of Nurturing Attachments: Supporting Children who are Fostered and Adopted, co-author with Dan Hughes of Creating Loving Attachments: Parenting with Pace and lead author of two observational checklists designed for use in educational settings, Observing Children with Attachment Difficulties in Preschool Settings (for children aged 0-4) and Observing Children with Attachment Difficulties in School (for children aged 5-11). She has additionally written a group work programme to use with foster carers and adopters, Nurturing Attachments Training Resource which was published in September 2013.

Kim provides the clinical lead for Children Always First ensuring that our practise is on the leading edge and providing expert advice when necessary. Many of the skills and strategies that Kim has developed form the core ideology of what we are trying to achieve within the agency.

Kim S. Golding

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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