Carer Support Groups and Social Events

‘The family feel is important to them and they say the agency is friendly, professional and efficient. One carer commented: ‘I know they will deliver.” Ofsted Nov 2014

Many hands together: group of people joining hands
We expect our carers to attend carer support groups and social events as part of their fostering agreement with the agency. Put simply, it is the type of agency we wish to run. We understand you are all busy people so we make sure that all our events are relevant, informative, worthwhile and always fun!

We hold the majority of events at weekends at different venues and there are separate carer support groups for different parts of the West Midlands. We host all big social events somewhere in the middle of the region and make sure everybody gets the chance to meet everyone else regularly.

‘There is also a good range of social activities for foster carers, foster children, birth children and extended family members. These provide opportunity for everyone involved with the agency to get together and have a good time.’ Ofsted Nov 2014

Carer Support Groups (10 in each region per year)

Foster carers meet together in small support groups with, or at times without, the assistance of Children Always First. The groups provide a much needed opportunity to talk about fostering issues with other carers.

3d People have surroundedFoster carer support groups are often attended by carers who have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise which they have accumulated through many years in fostering. These carers can offer valuable support to less experienced foster carers.

Each group brings carers together to talk about what is important to them, share experiences and establish strong links with others who foster.

Regular guests from different partners bring up to the minute news and information covering a range of topics including health, education, training and finance.

Formal and informal feedback from support groups helps to inform further training needs which can be addressed through the support group, one to one sessions, or in more structured training settings.

These groups are primarily about getting to know each other and having fun together. Some are in informal settings, whilst others may be more business orientated. All include a tasty lunch/supper!

Social Events (Up to four per year)

Crowd of children, sitting together happily outdoorsChildren Always First believes that any childhood should include fun and memories. Therefore you can expect a variety of up to four big social events per year. This may include a day at Alton Towers, a big celebration picnic, an awards night or just a big ‘THANK YOU’ night out for all our carers.

Whatever our ‘get togethers’ are you can rely on us to make some big and memorable events happen for you, your families and your foster children.

Sowing the seeds of positive shared memories creates the platform on which lasting relationships are built.