Children and Young Peoples’ Activities and Consultation

‘One young person commented that she liked the agency, ‘because we do stuff’, and another said, ‘there is no division. You can’t tell who is fostered, who is a foster carer or who works for the agency.’ Ofsted Nov 2014


Cute Muslim arabic girl sitting on the chairAt Children Always First we pride ourselves on consulting with our children and young people and making sure they take a full and important role in shaping our services.

We also like to talk to them regularly and make sure they are ok.

But primarily we like them to have lots of fun and share lots of happy memories!!

Therefore we run a regular programme of children’s activities (that are also free for birth children) which are both great fun and hopefully interesting enough to make lasting memories.

The young people themselves determine what activities they would like to see on offer and we allocate a substantive budget to make sure that these things happen. The young people themselves are responsible for this budget and meet together quarterly to spend it.

It would be wrong to predict what these activities may be but we would expect to see a couple of trips to theme parks, a trip to the seaside, an adventure holiday weekend and maybe, in the future, an international youth exchange. We want the young people to feel off the leash and in control and make some extraordinary events a reality in their lives.

FreizeitparkWe call this our consultative group and we also use it to ask them about other agency issues which may affect them. We also ensure that any young people who want to get actively involved can access other organisations and events like Ofsted consultation days.

We make sure each Children’s Support Worker keeps an open dialogue with each child and takes time to make sure there is nothing troubling them or that we can help with.

Twice a year we send each child and young person an age-appropriate questionnaire which further aids our Quality Assurance and makes certain that each individual voice is heard.

‘Children’s views are central and an area which is developing further with the appointment of a specific worker to concentrate on ensuring their voice is heard throughout the agency at every stage.’ Ofsted Nov 2014