Why Choose Us?

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‘We were very impressed with your passion and commitment to young people and the way in which your company wants to help them.’             EK Applicant Foster Carer May 2015

‘We love the small family feel to the organisation. We know the directors of the company personally and have been welcomed into this family with open arms.’ EW Foster Carer Oct 2014

Choose us if you really care about children and want to give yourself the best possible chance of making a difference.

We are simply as child-centred as it gets… provide a genuine therapeutic parenting approach… and deliver the best possible carer support.

If you really care about children and young people then we are probably the agency you have been looking for !

We are also a team in the proper sense of the word… ONE BIG FAMILY… who all share the same common goal of wanting to make a difference to childrens lives..

‘Foster carers feel valued, supported and part of the team around the child.’ Ofsted Nov 2014

Our Child-Centred Ethos

We do exactly what our name suggests… the needs of Children Always come First. Our owners, management, consultants and staff are all entirely committed to keeping children at the very forefront of our thinking. We are here to meet their needs and deliver the best possible outcomes through our care.

We are simply not interested in making money quickly or compromising our care for financial reasons. We exist solely to look after children and achieve excellence in our care.

‘Leaders and managers are passionate about what they do and have high aspirations for the agency to be a service of excellence in order to support positive outcomes for children and young people. This ethos underpins the whole service, from recruitment of foster carers and staff to their ongoing training, supervision and support. Many foster carers comment that the ethos was the reason they chose to apply to this agency and that they are proud to work for it.’ Ofsted Nov 2014

A high level of supervision and support, including 24 hour on call service

Your allocated Fostering Social Worker only has a maximum caseload of eight households to look after and often less. This high staffing ratio means they have very manageable workloads and ensures that they are able to be with you every step of the way. They are there from your first placement to your last, ensuring that you have professional support at every meeting and regular protected monthly supervision with the same dedicated social worker.

Our Children’s Support Workers are able to undertake any direct work with the child, available to support you practically and able to provide regular consultations with children through both questionnaires and activities. They all have individual roles and different skills so they can step in with their specialisms whenever needed.

Our 24 hour ‘wraparound’ duty service means that you will have access to a qualified social worker at all times. Our difference is that you will know the worker on the end of the phone due to our small family feel and that, if necessary, they will be with you within an hour. This is our guarantee to our carers and part of our Foster Carers Charter.

BusinessmanOngoing training and professional development opportunities

We recognise how important training is, but we also recognise that it can not be a hoop to jump through for our carers. It needs to be engaging, informative and enjoyable if we expect you to give up your time.

Therefore, we ensure the training you are presented with is all of the above. We use a variety of different trainers to deliver the courses, we feed you well and we also pay your travel expenses. We use a variety of venues and to stage sessions at different times and days (including weekends) to ensure that everybody is able to attend. 

Therapeutic Parenting Excellence

We have not recruited our team of consultant partners to sit on the mantelpiece! We are guided by their expertise and experience in everything we do. All of our Psychologists and Therapists are able to offer different solutions for each situation and by creating such a diverse framework of expertise around us we are able to successfully manage anything fostering may throw at us, or you!

Dr Kim Golding is our Clinical Consultant and a regular part of our team, fully contributing to our development and service planning. In addition to providing direction and support she delivers elements of the training programme and ensures that she is available for individual consultations/assessments whenever such needs may arise. You have access to the very best because we only work with the very best. Kim oversees our Attachemnt Group (for which she authored the curriculem) and directly trains  our staff/carers in Dyardic Developmental Practice for which she is one of only 7 accredited trainers in the UK!

Teenager strecken Zunge herausA ‘family’ feel with extensive social events and activities

Keeping our small ‘family’ feel is important to Children Always First as we have no intentions of world domination or even national coverage. We want to stay small and friendly where we know everyone and everyone knows us. Hence, our decision to operate in the West Midlands with one main office in Bromsgrove.

We do not want to be huge. We are not interested in making fortunes. We just want to recruit around 50 households so that we can keep on top of our operations and ensure that every child really does matter! We believe that this is best achieved by a small family-owned agency where everyone is somebody and our relationships really matter to us.

Generous fees and allowances

We pay very generous fees and allowances which enable our carers to easily replace the income from a full time job and focus on providing professional care for the children they are looking after. That is not to say we pay the highest fees because we have a responsibility to keep our prices realistic for our Local Authority partners but our fees and allowances are generously above average.

As we have already stated you will be professionally rewarded for becoming one of our carers and you will be able to give up full time work in order to do so. We ensure that our fees enable our carers to focus fully on caring for children rather than worrying about money.

We also, almost uniquely, pay you your full respite allowance even when you do not use your respite. We prefer our carers to take the children on holiday with them because that is normal family life. However, we do not want the foster carers to miss out so we pay the full respite allowance to all our carers as a lump sum in order to help pay for their holiday.

Automatic FULL membership of the Fostering Network for YOU

All of our foster carers will be automatically enrolled as individual members of Fostering Network on approval which gives them instant access to a wide range of independent guidance and advice including: 24hr dedicated helplines- Expert legal assistance- Legal expenses cover- Advice – Discounts-