Assessment Process

In order to become registered foster carers there is a process everyone must undertake which is called a Form F Assessment. This is just to make sure fostering is right for you. The role of a foster carer can often be quite a demanding one so we just need to make sure that you and we are 100% sure that it’s the right fit for the needs of a child.

The Assessment Process generally takes around 3 – 5 months and you will be assigned an Assessing Social Worker who will work with you to complete the report. All potential foster carers are required to have a Form F Assessment undertaken before they can start looking after children.

We try and make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you ever have any questions throughout your assessment your Assessing Social Worker is always there for you.

“The assessment process was informative, helpful and fair, sessions with assessor were excellent, assessment process was excellent”. Foster Carer 2018

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The Form F Assessment
Pre-panel training
Fostering Panel
Post Approval
Can I foster?

"A newly approved carer said, ‘It is all very child-focused; it has been amazing." Ofsted 2018