Financial Support

We pride ourselves on paying very competitive fees and allowances to all of our carers. We might not pay the highest fees, so if money is your major motivation then we are probably not the best agency for you. We aim to keep our rates competitive but we also spend far more on our support than any of our competitors. This is what matters to us, the support we provide to our children and foster carers.

Getting the balance right is critical in ensuring we continue to receive a steady stream of referrals (by keeping prices low) whilst making sure that once placed children receive the best possible levels of support (by making funds available).

Our fees are still generous by any standards and above average. You can expect to receive between £19,500 and £33,345 per child per year and should be aware that these fees are treated very generously by HMRC and very little tax is payable.

With an approval of two or more children, you could expect your net income from fostering to at least replicate what you would receive in a professional job (£40000 gross per year). That is why we expect our carers to operate as professionals and work hard on maximising each child’s life opportunities.

It goes without saying, you will receive all your training and carer support group expenses. However, you need to be aware that if you do not have a child in placement you will not receive any income, which is precisely why we keep our charges to Local Authorities as low as we can, and we need carers who can be flexible and provide a range of placements.

Due to ongoing austerity measures and increasing demand for services Local Authorities have to make tough decisions. Sometimes the cost of a service has to be taken into account, often before focusing on the quality of care for the child. You will not have that worry with us as we are priced at 5% below average and we are renowned for our excellent support and care provided to children.

As stated, because we pay good professional fees we expect our carers to attend all meetings and training in addition to looking after the child or children. We also expect carers to support our Activity programmes and social events. We treat and reward our foster carers as professionals and we consequently have very high expectations.

“A truly transparent agency” CAF Foster Carer 2018