Specialised Foster Care

Specialist placements for fostering the children who need us most.

What is specialised fostering?

Not every child’s fostering needs are the same. 

Specialised foster carers are those who have received specialist training that is focused on supporting  children with highly specific needs. Specialised fostering is a term that covers a broad spectrum of specialist foster care needs, including:

  • Step down & Residential Avoidance
  • Fostering placements for children with disabilities/complex health needs
  • Placements for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
  • Parent and child placements
  • Remand placements
  • Sibling Groups
25 Parent & Child placements supported
46 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children supported
17 Children with disabilities/ complex health needs supported

All since CAF began

The different types of specialised fostering

Step down & Residential Avoidance

Providing long-term fostering placements specifically designed to support children who would otherwise need to stay in a residential care home. 

For most foster children, staying with a loving, supportive family is the best way to support their healing journey. This can be a difficult transition, as the carer’s home is often away from the area they grew up in and know.

Fostering placements for children with disabilities/complex health needs

Experience the rewarding process of caring for a child with disabilities or complex health– we provide comprehensive training for carers, designed to ensure that you have all the skills you require to care for a child with disabilities. 

All training is specific to your child’s needs, and will be tailored to ensure you can confidently meet their needs.

Placements for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

Children who may be seeking sanctuary have often been separated unwillingly from their parents. 

They may not speak much English and require a patient, considered approach. We offer full training in how to best approach working with a child seeking sanctuary.

Parent and child placements

As with any foster care placement, the best-case scenario is that the parent can learn ways to parent their child and move into independence.

In some situations, a parent needs regular support as they develop their parenting skills. Parent and child placements are where a foster carer supports a parent while helping them to develop their skills as a parent. This requires specialist training, which we provide.

Remand placements

This is a relatively short-term, highly demanding fostering role. 

On occasion, rather than being sent to a juvenile detention centre or a young offenders unit, a child will be remanded into the care of a local authority. 

Remand carers require a high degree of training in dealing with difficult, potentially violent children. As with all specialist care, we provide full training in how best to deal with remand placements if you are interested.

Sibling Groups

Sometimes there are large groups of siblings that need a caring home that can accommodate them all together. It is usually best for the children for them to all remain living together. This needs foster carers that have the time, space and dedication to spend on each child in their own right.

Why work with CAF?

Most fostering agencies have a specific focus or strength. 

For us, we’re incredibly proud to be the only agency in the West Midlands with a dedicated youth work team. This means that all CAF foster carers enjoy ongoing, regular support from a community of youth workers, all of whom are highly skilled in both 1-2-1 and group activities with foster children/young people. 

We also have our own clinical lead, whose role it is to run therapeutic groups, both for carers and children. We pride ourselves on offering the very highest levels of support, not often seen elsewhere in the sector. 

Our training is second-to-none, and our support is the best you’ll find.

Sector-leading youth work

From nights spent camping to one-on-one activity days, our youth workers are specialists in being whatever a foster child needs – supporter, mentor, professional; it’s their role to help your foster child learn to build healthy relationships.

Specialised support

You’re never alone when fostering through CAF. Our support team are here 24/7, whenever you need us. We also offer a broad range of clinical support as and when required, both for yourself and for your foster child.

Considering fostering?

Speak to a member of our team. We’ll help you decide whether specialist care is right for you.

What do our carers say about CAF?

Our Services

We offer a broad range of foster care support services, ensuring that our foster carers have everything they need to thrive in the role.

Youth Team

Our youth team sit at the core of CAF. We run regular events for foster families to attend, as well as 1-2-1 activities with your foster child to help broaden their horizons.

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Financial Support

Our financial support team are here when you need them. From accountancy funding and support through to ongoing financial advice, we’re here.

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Therapeutic Approach

We’re big advocates of a therapeutic parenting approach. We offer extensive training and support for foster carers to adopt this style of care.

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We run a broad selection of both mandatory and elective training courses. All of our courses run during the academic year (no training in the holidays!).

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Placement & Matching

We can support you through the entire assessment and placement process. It’s our job to match you with a child that’s a perfect fit for your home.

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Specialised Care

Some children have specialised needs. We can help you to meet their needs, or provide assistance in a variety of ways to keep the child happy and healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is specialised fostering?

Specialised fostering involves caring for children with specific needs or circumstances, such as those with disabilities, medical conditions, complex needs and Parent & Child Fostering . Foster carers in specialised fostering receive additional training and support to meet the unique needs of these children and provide them with the specialised care and attention they require.

What training is provided for carers of children with disabilities?

Children Always First offers specialised training for carers of children with disabilities. This training covers topics such as understanding disabilities, providing medical care, supporting development, and addressing behavioural challenges. Additionally, carers receive ongoing support and guidance from our team of professionals to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the unique needs of each child.

What support is available for carers of asylum-seeking children?

Children Always First provides comprehensive support for carers of asylum-seeking children, including specialist training, translated documentation and access to interpreters to facilitate communication. Our team also offers guidance on navigating the asylum process, understanding cultural differences, and accessing additional resources and services to support both the carers and the children in their care.

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