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Children Always First is a small family-owned Independent Fostering Agency covering Burton on Trent and its surrounding area which aims to do exactly what its name suggests – and put the needs of foster children in Burton on Trentfirst.

We operate in the West Midlands based from our head office in Burton on Trent and offer a family placement service in Burton on Trentthat provides the very highest levels of support and achieves the best outcomes for children and young hpeople.

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What makes Children Always First different?


We feel the support we offer is second to none. In order to maintain our first class support our Fostering Social Workers have lower caseloads and we offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support. By offering this we can be there any time day or night for you.

Professional Status

We always treat our foster carers as professionals and pay generous fees and allowances. This enables our carers to easily replace the income from a full time job and focus on providing the best possible care for the children they are looking after.


We recognise how important Training and Development is, so we make sure we offer a diverse range of over 30 different training courses and regular Carer Support Groups per year. After listening to our Foster Carers we also offer bespoke in home training.

Youth Support Team

We are very fortunate that we have a dedicated Youth Support Team who work with our Children and Young people. This includes one-to-one mentoring, group activities, trips out and an extensive social activities calendar including two big events a year.

Foster Care Burton on Trent

We operate using a core and cluster system of delivery that means we deliver your foster care training and support groups in a range of venues and locations close to where you live in Burton on Trent. We also appoint staff local to each area so they are easily accessible to you. Most of fostering takes place in your own home anyway. Unlike many of our competitors who are predominantly driven by profit, Children Always First actually care about the children placed with us and our foster carers who look after them. We are a small family owned service who have no aspirations of world domination. We just want to recruit a small team of around 50 households who all believe that the children’s needs should come first.

Foster Care Burton on TrentLocal Authority Fostering Burton on Trent

Our Burton on Trent Local Authority partner is consequently offered a demonstrably better service at a highly competitive price compared with other similar agencies. This is achieved by paying our staff and foster carers properly and providing industry-leading levels of support. Our Social Workers in Burton on Trent only have a maximum of ten foster carers to look after and our Burton on Trent Children’s Support Workers only look after 20 children. Our agency has access to a range of consultants and therapists with national reputations in fields including fostering. What brings us all together into our Children Always First family is our shared values and beliefs. Everyone involved with Children Always First shares our belief that each looked after child really matters. We share a child-centred ethos and ‘therapeutic parenting’ approach working tirelessly to ensure that each child achieves their full potential whatever hurdles life has thrown in their way.

Fostering Burton on TrentBurton on Trent Foster Care Agency

Many will talk this talk but how many walk this walk? Because Children Always First have no external shareholders, there is no pressure on us to make a profit. Therefore we can deliver services cheaper and provide a whole new level of fostering support to our children and foster carers in Burton on Trent and beyond. That is what makes us different and better. We will never lose this difference by either growing too big or selling to an unscrupulous competitor. We will always maintain our family feel and always put children first. End of. Whatever you feel you can contribute if making a real and sustainable difference to damaged children’s lives is the primary motivation for you then we are probably the right fostering agency for you.

Foster Parent training Burton on TrentFoster Care Training Burton on Trent

Our Foster training and support in Burton on Trent will ensure that you have the best possible chance of making a difference. The fact that we really care about our children will be evident in all your dealings with us and any of our staff. We consider ourselves a learning organisation and pride ourselves on training our Burton on Trent foster carers to the very highest standards. As a leading independent fostering agency we have an expertise in the issues that affect looked after children and we ensure our carers become equally knowledgeable. Providing top quality professional foster care is a difficult role and you will need the very best support, information and guidance in order to be able to make a difference. We do expect a lot from our foster carers but due to these demands we pay them professionally to undertake a professional job. It is a very serious alternative career if you have the time, skills and patience to work with us in redirecting a young persons life. Our head office is based in Bromsgrove although we also deliver fostering training and foster carer support groups in and around Burton on Trent for our foster carers there. We have staff who live in both areas and whatever your location we guarantee you back up and support from people you know 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.If you have a spare bedroom and feel you have the passion and skills to make a difference to a child’s life then please read on or make an enquiry.