Our VisionOur Vision

Here at Children Always First we want every child and young person in our care to achieve their full potential. We are committed to this aim and work tirelessly to support each and every child or young person placed with the Agency.

We ensure that every child and young person is safe and protected, thrives and blossoms physically and emotionally, achieves and has happy memories and moves on in a positive and sustainable way.

We believe that money has come before children far too many times in both independent and statutory/ public sectors. We therefore want an Agency that is totally child focused and has the capacity to meet all of the children’s needs with compassion and warmth.. We spend our money on our carers and children, not making profits for shareholders.

We understand the pressure that Local Authorities are under so we try to provide the maximum support for children and carers whilst keeping our prices low for local authorities.

We understand that Local Authorities are strapped for cash, therefore we need to do everything we can to ensure our services are cost effective whilst at the same time maximising the outcomes for the children and young people we look after. We do this by running an efficient, high quality organisation and setting our pricing below the market average.

We ensure our placements are always high quality through robust selection of staff and foster carers, creative methods of support, excellent delivery of care and a genuine interest in each and every child we look after.

We believe that in order to do this we need to attract the brightest, most talented staff who share our beliefs and values. We do this by paying excellent rates of pay, establishing attractive working terms and conditions, investing in staff training and development and valuing each worker as a truly vital member of our team.

We believe we also need to value our foster carers and treat them properly if we expect them to deliver the standards of care to which we aspire. We do this by paying competitive fees and allowances and providing outstanding support and training. We also treat our foster carers and children to special events and memorable experiences which bind us together as one united team.

We deliver the highest possible standards of care and make sure we make their experience of being fostered as positive as it can be. We cannot possibly achieve 100% success but if we fail it is never because we could have done better or we didn’t care enough. If a child has a need, we do our utmost to meet it and if we can’t for whatever reason we vigorously advocate for that child until all avenues are exhausted.

"Managers passionately apply a strong ethical position to their leadership of the service". Ofsted 2018