Our Youth Team

We are one of the only fostering agencies in the UK with a dedicated youth team!

Acting as friends and mentors, our youth workers are there for your foster child whenever they’re needed.

Making an impact – our wonderful youth team!

Sometimes, a foster child needs a friend, someone who isn’t a carer or social worker. 

That’s exactly what our youth workers are – friends. 

Our youth team are here to support you and your foster child as and when needed. It’s their job to help foster children form and maintain healthy relationships both in and outside the home. We:

  • Run group activities, where foster children can join, have fun and meet other children in a similar situation. 
  • Plan one-to-one activities with your foster child, ensuring they get plenty of time and attention dedicated to them!
2 Residential trips to Cannock Chase
30 Youth clubs hosted and attended
2 Trips to a Water Sports Centre

All in the last 12 months

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Benefits to new foster carers

Why foster through CAF

24-hour support

We operate a 24-hour support line, meaning you can call at any time and talk to one of our friendly consultants. Whether you need advice or reassurance, we’re here.

Dedicated support worker

Every child 5 and over is assigned their own dedicated support worker. It’s their job to ensure you have everything you need, and to help out wherever possible.

Regular youth events

We’re one of the only fostering agencies in the UK who have a focus on youth events. We regularly run fun days for children and families to come together.

Allowances & fees

We offer one of the most generous compensation packages in the UK, ensuring that you can afford everything you need, both for yourself and your foster child.

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