First aid training for foster parentsFoster Care Training

We feel learning and development is an essential ingredient in becoming an excellent foster carer. We are 100% committed to providing the highest quality training to all of our staff and foster carers, so they can provide a ‘therapeutic’ care experience to children.

We have learnt that foster carers want to be fully engaged and stimulated by their training, they do not want to see the same face delivering training every time and they need it to be run at times that fit their busy lives. Therefore we ensure that training is bespoke, well prepared and executed by a variety of experienced trainers. Our foster care training is delivered at weekends as well as during office hours so it can be accessible to all. Something that makes us different to other agencies is that our Social Workers and Management Team will come and deliver a range of bespoke training in your home if you are struggling to attend certain training courses or you feel you need help in a specific area. We know it can sometimes be hard to make it to the office therefore we also provide at least two online learning courses per year.

We feel training is an important part of being a foster carer so we ask that all primary carers undertake at least seven training sessions a year and secondary carers a minimum of three. We promote that you participate in all training you feel is beneficial.

If you have already fostered with another agency, or have received relevant training in prior employment, we will take this into account in assessing your Personal Development Plan and ensure you do not have to repeat courses you have already done. We will also fund external training for carers if relevant courses are identified.

To help you achieve what can sometimes seem a daunting task, we provide a substantial training course called ‘Nurturing Attachments’ that was written by Dr Kim Golding and is delivered via 18 fortnightly sessions over your first year, to rave reviews!

Foster training classesEvery foster carer will complete a Personal Development Plan for the training and development year in consultation with their Fostering Social Worker to ensure that their training needs are being met. Our Fostering Social Workers will also help all foster carers evidence their skills in a portfolio, required as part of the National Standards for foster carers, this is called a TSD.

Every year we hold an annual seminar, there is no expense spared and it is our opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our foster carers and staff for being part of CAF. As part of the day we always provide fantastic training, for trainers such as the amazing Bill Say, a firm favourite with our foster carers and staff. The event isn’t just a fantastic training opportunity but a great way for everyone to get together and for new carers to meet our existing foster carers and staff. It is always a very special date in the CAF calendar.

We really do feel that the standards of training we provide here at Children Always First are above and beyond what other agencies provide and it is something we are extremely proud of.

"Training provided is second to none and we always feel well equipped to deal with all situations because we receive such in depth training." CAF Foster Carer 2018