Why Choose Us?

There are so many reasons why we think you should choose us. We are as child-centred as it gets, we provide a genuine therapeutic parenting approach and we deliver the best possible support and guidance for our foster carers.

If you really care about making a change in children and young people’s lives then we are probably the agency you have been looking for.

Ultimately, we are a team in every sense of the word… ONE BIG FAMILY… who all share the same common goal of wanting to make a real difference in children and young people’s lives.

Here are just some of the reasons why we think you should choose us:

High level of supervision and support (including 24 hour on call service)

Your allocated Social Worker will have a caseload of up to 8 households to look after. The aim of this manageable workload is to ensure that they are able to be with you every step of the way. They are there from your first placement to your last, ensuring that you have professional support and monthly supervisions with the same dedicated social worker. Our 24 hour ‘wraparound’ duty service means that you will have access to a qualified social worker at all times. Our difference is that you will know the person on the end of the phone due to our small ‘family feel’. This is our guarantee to our carers and part of our Foster Carers Charter.

"Carers are enthusiastic about the agency. They receive excellent support from supervising social workers, including outside office hours." Ofsted 2018

Our Youth Support Team

We have a dedicated Youth Support Team who are there for our children and young people when they need them. They provide one to one support and mentoring.

The Youth Support Team also organise all of our fantastic events including our legendary Big Day Out in the summer and our Christmas Party.

Our Youth Support Team are what sets us apart from other agencies. Any child or young person needing our support won’t have to wait weeks to see someone. Our priority is the children and young people in our care, we will be there as and when they need us, as well as on planned days and activities.

"Children enjoy an excellent and aspirational range of social and recreational experiences with their carers and the agency." Ofsted 2018

Ongoing Training and Professional Development

We fully recognise the importance of engaging, informative and enjoyable training for our staff and fosters. Therefore we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of training. We hold over 30 different training sessions per learning and development year to our foster carers.

Throughout the learning and development year we make sure we use a variety of different trainers to deliver the courses to keep the training fresh and informative. We always make sure we put out plenty of lovely healthy food and refreshments and we will pay any travel expenses. To make sure as many foster carers can attend as possible we make sure we use a variety of venues, on different times and days which includes weekends.

As well as face to face training we also run at least two online courses per year and bespoke in home training. This way we can guarantee we are doing all we can so that our foster carers are meeting their minimum training sessions for the year.

"Training at CAF has improved my knowledge and skills to help me in promoting the physical, social and emotional development of my young person. I also think it has made me a better foster carer." Foster Carer 2019

Therapeutic Parenting Excellence

We operate a therapeutic fostering model based on Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Social Pedagogy and PACE. We believe the majority of children who have experienced trauma have attachment difficulties and the best fostering will provide the right environment to negate some of the issues they encounter. We are extremely fortunate to work with Dr Kim Golding, our Clinical Consultant who delivers training in DDP. We are also extremely lucky to have our own Senior Therapist, Bonita Fradd, who delivers training and support to our foster carers and therapy and play therapy to the children and young people in our care.

We are guided by our therapeutic expertise and experience in everything we do. All of our staff are able to offer different DDP informed outlooks for each situation and by creating such a diverse framework of expertise around us we are able to successfully manage anything fostering may throw at us, or you!

"An exceptional feature of the service is the attention to children’s emotional health with the involvement of a prominent clinical consultant and the employment of a therapist. They support staff and carers in a dynamic and engaging way to apply the model of care." Ofsted 2018

Staff Support

All of our staff are vetted and recruited because we believe that they care about children and young people and have something to offer the company. We pay our staff well and we treat them right because we believe keeping a happy, stable team is crucial in ensuring our foster carers support is optimised.

Our entire management structure is child-focused and committed to utilising a ‘therapeutic parenting’ approach in order to achieve the best outcomes for the children we look after. Consultants and trainers have been recruited because they have a vast experience of working with looked after children and they have much expertise to bring to the table.

Our Fostering Social Workers only have a small caseload to ensure they are always available for you and you are always supported. They have been recruited because they share our beliefs and vision for a company that can really make a difference.

Our Youth Support Team know each child/ young person and ensure they are available and accessible. They run a children’s activity programme as well as one on one mentoring that can really help with the child’s development.

Our three administrators are the very core of the office. They make sure that effective records are kept, co-ordinate panel, organise the Agency’s training programme and ensure everyone gets paid on time and generally make us ‘tick’.

"Since our time with CAF we have been supported all the way in our roles as Foster Carers, from all of the staff which makes our role that bit easier." CAF Foster Carer 2018

A ‘family’ feel with extensive social events and activities

Keeping our small ‘family’ feel is extremely important to us. We have no intentions of world domination or even national coverage, we are not interested in making fortunes, we just want to recruit around 60 households so that we can keep on top of our operations while ensuring our ‘family feel’.

We organise activities and events everyone can get involved in throughout the year as well as Foster Carer Support Groups (informal get togethers at Foster Carers’ homes) so everyone has a chance to socialise and create lasting friendships.

"An amazing evening with our second family. Great to see every kid there with huge smiles on their faces." Foster Carer 2018

Clinical Guidance and Senior Therapist

Our Clinical Consultant and Senior Therapist, Bonita Fradd offers clinical guidance and jigsaw meetings along with Kim Golding. These meetings help the foster carers and the network to gain psychologically informed understanding of the child’s pre-care experiences and the impact of trauma/ abuse on the child or young person.

The meetings are so beneficial in providing insight and helping the child or young person’s network to understand the presenting behaviours and challenges for the child. The Therapist/ Consultant will provide support and strategies to help support the child and the foster carers.

"The clinical guidance I have received has always been enlightening and helped me to understand my placement better. I find the knowledge they have is amazing and to have this to hand whenever we may need it is invaluable." Foster Carer

Generous fees and allowances

We pay very generous fees and allowances which allow our foster carers to provide professional care without the financial worry. We pay you your full respite allowance even when you do not use your respite. We prefer our foster carers to be able to take the children on holiday with them to create lasting and special memories.

All of our foster carers will be automatically enrolled as individual members of the Fostering Network on approval, which gives them instant access to a wide range of independent guidance and advice including: 24hr dedicated helplines, expert legal assistance, legal expenses cover, advice and discounts!

"Feel very blessed to be part of the Children Always First family" Foster Carer