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We are a therapeutic agency, helping people just like you to make a difference to the lives of foster children.

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It’s our mission to ensure each and every child and young person in our care can fulfil their full potential.

We draw on years of experience as a foster family agency to deliver the highest-quality foster care to children.

Working with incredible foster carers, we ensure that every child and young person is safe and protected, that they can thrive and blossom both physically and emotionally, and are able to achieve their goals and become happy, healthy members of society.

Caring for a foster child is a wonderful thing to do. Whether you’re a first-time carer, or you’re looking to transfer to us here at Children Always First, we’re here to make sure you’re supported at every step along the way.

Are you…

Looking to become a foster carer?

If you’ve never been a foster carer before, then this is a very exciting time for you!

We’re delighted that you’re considering making a difference in the life of a child who truly needs you.

Click the link below to find out if you’re eligible to become a foster carer.

Am I eligible?

An approved foster carer looking to transfer?

If you’re an approved foster carer, but you feel that we’re a better match for you and your foster children, talk to us today about the benefits of transferring to Children Always First. 

Not sure if you’re ready to transfer? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’re always here to talk.

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Expert Support

We’re on hand to support you on your fostering journey.

Whether you are new to fostering or an established foster carer looking for a supportive agency. Explore some of our services below:

24-hour support

We understand that fostering isn’t always the easiest thing. It’s important to us that you never feel like you’re alone. That’s why we operate a 24-hour support line, and every household has their own supervising social worker for support.

Financial Support

Sector-leading training

We offer all of our foster carers, both new and experienced, access to extensive foster care training specific to their needs. We endeavour to make training as flexible as possible and a number of courses can be
accessed online.

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Dedicated youth team

Our dedicated youth workers add an extra layer of support. Each child aged five years and over is allocated their own youth worker, who will work alongside you, mentoring and engaging with your foster child ensuring children are able to reach their full potential.

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A foster family agency that truly cares

Over the years, we have:

Supported 103 households in the West Midlands

We ensure that each and every household receives the care and support they need.

Provided over 250 one-to-one youth support visits this year alone!

We hold regular youth groups for foster children aged 5-18 at the Bromsgrove office, and provide one-to-one visits on a regular basis.

Helped over 450 children to achieve their potential

We do everything in our power to ensure you and your foster child have everything needed to thrive.

Why choose Children Always First?

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About our services

The benefits of choosing us

Therapeutic parenting focus

We champion therapeutic parenting and the benefits this methodology can provide to children whose view of the world has been formed through the trauma they have experienced within their family or through other traumatic experiences.

We have seen the difference that therapeutic parenting methods can have on traumatised individuals, which is why we provide full training and support in delivering this transformative approach for children.

Family orientated

The family you provide for a foster child means everything.

We provide everything you need to help create the perfect family-orientated environment for your foster child.

Youth-focused support team

Our youth workers sit at the core of our offering, building strong, ongoing relationships with foster children and young people, and you as foster carers.

We provide both one-to-one youth support and group sessions where foster children can meet one another, make friendships and better understand that they are never alone on their journey through life.

What do our carers say about CAF?

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Whether you’re looking for fostering tips, or you want to know what’s going on, this is the space for you!

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