Grilled to Have You

Easy cooking recipes for kids – unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay!

We all love eating scrumptious food

Learning to prepare delicious food is one of the most important skills we learn as young people. 

From healthy dishes to help you grow up strong, to tasty snacks and treats that give us a sugar rush, we’re Grilled to Have You here. Below, you’ll find all sorts of easy cooking recipes for kids and young adults; we’re sure you’ll find something you love to cook!

Learn a little bit more about the art of cooking here

Explore all our recipes that you can easily follow at home. All of these recipes have been tried and tested by the children at our Youth Club!

When you create your dish send us a picture for our gallery!

Easy Tomato Pasta

Time to make

Who’s in the mood for pasta? Me! Check out our really simple tomato pasta recipe which is sure to impress the whole family.

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Who doesn’t like Cheesy Pizzey Pizza? Well if you fancy crafting your very own pizza masterpieces – look no further! Get ready for a doughy adventure filled with gooey cheese, zesty sauce, and all your favourite toppings.

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Hash Browns

Time to make

Crispy, golden potato goodness awaits – thanks to our easy to follow Hash Brown recipe! Get ready to become a breakfast wizard with our easy-peasy hash brown recipe that’s perfect for little chefs.

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Easy Pancakes

Time to make

Welcome to Easy Pancakes – where flipping delicious pancakes is as fun as it gets! Get ready to mix, pour, and flip your way to fluffy pancake perfection.

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The CAFeteria

‘£5 Munch’ Shopping Challenge!

Leon & Hannah’s Challenge

The CAF Youth team, Leon and Hannah, set themselves a challenge to buy all the ingredients to make Hash Browns & Pancakes with just a £5 budget!

How do you think they got on? Did they go over budget or did they get it right down to the penny? Watch the full video to find out.

Jay’s Challenge

It was Jay’s turn to take part in the £5 challenge. This time to make tomato pasta!

Find out whether she stayed on budget by watching the video.

Get involved and make the dish yourself by following the recipe here. Then send us a picture!

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