Turnip the Beet

Music activities for kids – unleash your inner musician here!

Humans have made music for thousands of years!

Whether you want to be a rapper or a rockstar, learning to express yourself through music is an incredibly fun (and useful) skill to have!

We’re inviting you to Turnip the Beet with us and learn all about some of the amazing instruments you might choose to learn. You’re also welcome to join us at one of our music studio sessions – keep an eye out for when the next session is being held!

Learn a little bit more about the art of making music

We have put together different music projects for you to take a look at and learn about different ways of making music. Take a look!

Ready to ‘Turnip the Beet’ with our latest music project? Listen to sounds and guess the instrument and discover how sounds make music.

View project

Check out what the kids have been mixing recently…

Getting creative, Mixing the beats

Leon and one of our young people are here making the magic of music happen!

CAF’s very own musician

One of our young people wrote lyrics to a song that they then started to create music. With the help of the Youth Team, they are able to bring their creativity to life.

Creativity coming to life

There are lots of components to consider when creating music. Our young people are learning this and developing their skills.

Individual sounds become music

It starts with a sound, and then a combination of sounds. We’re proud to watch out Young People learn more and more and grow into proud musicians.

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